Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pecan Bars

In case you still need a last minute secret Santa gift or are searching for a last minute holiday dessert. Maybe you need to make sure that you put a smile on that loved ones face, or make up for your "witty" comments you made last year. Whatever is on your last minute "To Do" list, you may need to add these bars. They are that good!

Pecan bars with a simple shortbread. Basically bite size pecan pie. Beware they might make you jump up and down. I swear I have seen it happen.
Shortbread...really who does not love shortbread. I think that Santa told me it was his favorite.
After baking off the shortbread and making the gooey pecan mixture, you spread out the goodness and bake until it bubbles.
Cut in to bite size squares and let your holiday bells ring!!!