Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coconut Custard Tart

 When I asked my Dad what his favorite dessert was for his birthday dinner his response was coconut cream pie and my reaction was to quickly bite my nails and head to the Internet. I had never in my life even thought of making any type of cream pie. For some reason in my head I thought that cream pies were very very hard to make. Boy oh boy was I wrong. This could not have been easier. Thank you Dori Greenspan, Google and Shared Sugar. I was able to make an easy coconut cream tart that just as good to eat as it was to make.
I made the custard the night before using eggs, milk, dark rum and of course lightly toasted coconut.
 You can leave the rum out if needed, but the combination with the coconut is a happy little marriage in creamy heaven.
 The shortbread crust was simple to make in the food processor and easy to mold in the tart pan.
 Vanilla, powder sugar and cream... mix and you get the best whipped cream ever. If you really want to booze up your tart you can add a splash more rum to the cream.... alas, I felt that the rum flavor was just enough in the custard and left it out.
Assemble together and add some toasted coconut on top. This tart was simple, perfect and traveled well. It also made my Dad smile... best part of the day!