Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birds and Spiders

Sometimes life is just a busy mess of routines. Brush teeth, drive to work, care for others, eat and sleep. You often forget about taking time to look around and appreciate it all. Before you know it your baby is drawing and your little baby is feeding herself bananas.

I recently got a written report from my son, Calvin's, day care about his day. It reminded me to remember the simple pleasures of life:

"Calvin had a good morning and played with his friends in the sandbox. He went potty twice. He was very interested in the new kid that visited and was very gentle with him. Calvin enjoyed playing on the boat and the climbing structure. He also enjoyed drawing with the green marker. He went in the nap room with his caregivers and they helped him to sleep. He slept for 2 hours and then had snack. He then had fun with the dance party!"

Oh to be a kid, draw pictures of birds and spiders and DANCE!



  1. Nicole, this is the sweetest blog post I've ever seen. You must have had a permagrin for days. :)

  2. I've remember my old times. draw like that one. . . thanks a lot for reminding my it.. .keep it up..
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