Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chocolate sour cream bunt cake

Do you ever feel you just can't can't get anything right. You when you were a kid and would get tagged out, or when you were the first one to be found in hid-n-go-seek. Remember when you fell off your bike or failed your first spelling test. These little memories stick in my head and lead to, at times, to the VOICE. No, not the one on TV. You know the one, after you get a speeding ticket or eat way too much pizza, that little voice in your head that says..."You did it again!!" "What the heck WERE YOU thinking." 
Well, this time that voice started out saying the same old darn thing.  "You can't make frosting and a cake. What are you thinking making a cake for a birthday party." "Seriously, girlfriend you have too much to do... you have kids and all." 
But, I did!! With much thanks to Joy's chocolate bunt cake with sour cream frosting. Chocolate on chocolate success. And my little voice was totally OK with it. 

Dark coco powder makes this cake deep.
Sour cream adds such richness. Plus there is something special about a floured bunt pan. Yes, I know I am odd.
Deep delish meets bunt. Hello and welcome!
Making the sour cream frosting...just give in. Just.

Chocolate and sour cream. (I was so excited about the cake I did not take ANY good pics.) The guests at the party loved it and ate it up. If you wanted to make it for the holiday season you could add bits of candy cane to the top or even just some festive sprinkles. The cake is easy, and one of those things that you really can do well. Now go tell your little voice to shut it.

Recipe from the joy the baker cookbook
100 simple and comforting recipes

Go get the book or if you know someone who loves joy or just food in general go get this for the holidays. 



  1. I love every little stinkin thing about this cake. Good choice.

  2. Oh wow. The deep dark colour of the cake! I have to say, anything from Joy is bound to be good. heheh

  3. I've so been wanting to make this cake! Bundts are awesome.