Sunday, June 30, 2013

Florence and Tuscany Trip

 For the last couple of weeks Matt and I have been in Italy. Some of you may have known this given my constant updating of my Instagram feed with all things Italian, food and fun. If you have a bad time in this little place in the world you might be crazy. We spent about two weeks in Italia, splitting up our time in Florence and Tuscany. We were inspired by the oldness of buildings, masterpieces of art, cobblestone streets, Fiats, food, and long conversations on our balcony about everything and nothing. Italy you inspire me to slow down, relax and smile. Thank you.
 The Duomo in Florence. Seriously large. Serious business. Seriously amazing. 
The marble statues are just jaw dropping. (I think that is what I am doing in this pic?) We did see the David however no photos allowed. He is a bit shy.
Dancing in Boboli Gardens...yes like the pizza crust. The view from the top of the garden is amazing and you can find cool little groves and secret mazes to discover. This was just before a I was pooped on by a bird... well Italy you were almost perfect.
You make up for your birds with your clouds.
The central market in Florence. It has it all. Get there early and watch the butchers. They mean business. 
Montalcino Italy. Our home away from home for a week. We rented an apartment and basically ate up this view the whole time.
 Tuscany has the best light I have ever seen. 
There may have been an international dance party started. I may or may not have started it. Although, I point my fingers towards the Polish girls in the corner. Just saying. 
Siena. The town is like a medival maze. Lots of little streets to wander up and down and hills to climb. We called it urban hiking and our feet agreed. 
Flags or the different districts in Siena. They are getting ready for II Palio and they take this very seriously. I was voting for the snail district, but their horse did not make the final race this year.
 View from our ten year anniversary dinner at Boccon di Vino. A family run restaurant that was amazing. The view did not suck either. I would have taken pictures of the food, but I really wanted to just enjoy the meal with my love.
 Open air market in Montalcino. Candy and colors all around.
 I could not stop taking pictures of the flowers all around Tuscany. 
 Speaking of colors. The Aperol Spritz may be my new drink of the summer. Refreshing
 Flower baskets and shutter windows. Pienza. This town smells like cheese, but in a good way.
Our little Fiat 500. Thank you for letting us explore Tuscany with you and thank you for keeping the crazy Italian drivers at bay. 
Our last night in Florence. View from the Piazzale Micheangelo. A little hike up over the hill and you can sit and watch the city and the sunset. 
Speaking of sunsets. Italy, you are simple, complex and beautiful, and I can't wait to visit you again soon. 


  1. Lucky you! And lucky us that you've shared your photos with us...thanks!