Sunday, September 26, 2010

What now???

OK.. so this week has been a killer..really it has! See this hole in my kitchen. Yes, this used to house a fridge. Now, it is a hole that has no fridge. No butter, no eggs, no milk, no fun!!! So I am taking a week off before we get a new fridge'o'fun. Believe me it will be fun.. crazy "circus" fun...
 Crazy like my dog's feet. By the way, she is a goof.

Crazy like sleeping on the couch and farting....yes she does that!
I hope that your week is less hectic and manic as mine. See ya in in a bit.


  1. I can completely relate to that hole in the wall. Our 4 yr old fridge has broke down twice now. I got so frustrated I'm working out of mini-fridges. That is a challenge!

  2. I think I might DIE without a fridge. Can't wait until you get a new one and can come back with some great recipes!

  3. But what fun filling a new one. Think of the condiments you'll have room for.

  4. I feel your pain! We just replaced our fridge and we have a boxer who is gassy all the time! At least there is someone(thing) to blame it on, even when it might not be her!

  5. Life without a fridge. I can't even imagine. Enjoy your puppy!