Monday, October 11, 2010

Alas, no baking

But there has been some eating.... our new fridge is here!! Delivered last Thursday to many smiles, giggles and claps, (and that was just from my son.) However, the sad news is that is does not work... I know plain and simple torture...right? Once all connected and ready to hold all of my loves of eggs, butter  and buttermilk, it decided to malfunction. After many phone calls, and my husband practicing deep breathing exercises, we are still without a fridge. So, I have been unable to bake and write and eat!!!
Well, the eating part is still in full swing. Last weekend we retreated (sans kid) to the Healdsburg area of California for good food...wait let me say.. fantastic good, great wine and really special friends.

We had dinner at Cyrus and let's just say it was hands down the best dinner ever. A fun filled fantasy for my senses. I am still thinking about it and swooning over the night, simply magical. If you ever find yourself without a fridge or just want to treat yourself because (gosh, darn you are worth it) than plan in advance (both your tummy and reservations) and treat yourself to a wonderment of delight. It made my fridge fiasco all better!


  1. I can't believe you still don't have a fridge. How insanely frustrating that your lovely new fridge didn't work. Glad you are eating well, but I can't wait for you to have a working fridge so you can bake again!