Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Weekend Without my Oven

However I did still manage to bake. Over the weekend my husband and I went to Sonoma to partake in a cooking adventure. A group class at Ramekins cooking school.

The theme of the class was Summer grilling and Micro brews.  Both of which are things I love;  so of course I was excited. My husband I and made the cobbler and hit it out of the park. We had a great time and enjoyed laughing at and with some of the other unique characters that joined us for our class.

It would not have been a worthwhile trip to Sonoma without a great dinner and of course, good wine. After a morning of exercising off some of the beer and food from the night before we set out to fill our empty bellies. We were staying close to the Ravenswood winery and I had enjoyed many of their wines before so I thought it would be a sure bet. Indeed it was! After a little tasting we retired to the a terraced patio to enjoy the warm breeze and a nice bottle of wine. Could the day get any better?


  1. I'm so jealous, I bet the weather was beautiful...

  2. looking good Rizzo!!!